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ANCIENT MYSTIC RITES - C. W. Leadbeater - How the mystery schools of old relate to Masonry. ISBN 0835606090 (Theos Pub) pb
Maria Parisen
- A unique collection of articles from many traditions on the reality and nature of angels. Stresses angels' interaction with humans in the creation of nature and our inner life. Contributors include Marie-Louise von Franz, Matthew Fox, Dorothy MacLean. Illustrated.
ISBN 0835606651
(Theos Pub) pb
THE ART OF INNER LISTENING - Jessie Crum - A first-person account of a way to higher awareness. ISBN 0835603032 (Theos Pub) pb
The Art Of Spiritual Rock GardeningThe ART OF SPIRITUAL ROCK GARDENING : Donna E Schaper

The Art of Spiritual Rock Gardening is an inspiring and practical guide for both garden lovers and spiritual seekers. The uses of the rock garden as a site of beauty, reflection and spiritual nourishment are many. Building a quiet corner of stones and plants slowly and meditatively over time is its true meaning. Process over product, journey over destination, forever a work in progress-rock is the best metaphor we have of everlastingness.

From choosing the right rocks and plants to weeding and night gardening, this book shows how to start or maintain a rock garden, whether one has access to acres of land in the country or a window shelf in the city. At the same time it describes the sacred meaning of stones and rocks in many of the world's cultures and spiritual traditions, including Stonehenge and Ayers Rock, the Western Wall in Jerusalem and the Ka'ba in Mecca, Japan's Zen gardens, Europe's cathedrals, America's temples and Egypt's pyramids. Both practical and inspirational, it will appeal to everyone who loves gardens, rocks and the transforming power of nature.

About the Authors:
Donna E. Schaper lives and gardens in both Massachusetts and Miami. She is the pastor of a Protestant Church in Coral Gables, Florida, mother of three children, and a lover of stones and flowers. Her previous books include Gardening Meditations and Raising Interfaith Children.

Simon Dorrell is a painter, illustrator and designer. He is the art director for Hortus, the international garden journal. He has designed many gardens over the past ten years, his most recent commission being the development of the gardens at Hampton Court, England. ISBN: 158768005x

based on Sun Tzu’s The Art of War - Grant Schnarr - Grant Schnarr uses one of the most brilliant war manuals ever written - the ancient Chinese general Sun Tzu’s The Art of War - as a metaphor for how to win against our only true enemy - our own negativity. This practical field guide for anyone struggling with the “only noble battle” includes brilliant tactics for enlisting higher powers, outwitting destruction, and championing integrity and love. His courageous insights, often funny stories, and practical exercises can help anyone make peace at home, at work, or in the private depths of their being.
ISBN 0835607879 6 x 9, 150 pgs
THE ASTRAL BODY - Arthur E. Powell - In print since 1927, this study of our subtle body is based on the works of theosophical authors and noted clairvoyants, including H. P. Blavatsky, C. W. Leadbeater, and Annie Besant.    
0835604381 (Theos Pub) pb
AT THE SIGN OF THE SQUARE AND COMPASS - Geoffrey Hodson   - Co-masonry as a survivor among ancient mysteries.  
0835675246 (Theos Pub) hc
BE HERE NOW - Ram Dass - Describes one man's spiritual transformation upon his acceptance of the principles of Yoga. Describes one man's transformation upon his acceptance of the principles of Yoga and gives a modern restatement of the importance of the spiritual side of man's nature. A Lama Foundation Book.
ISBN 0517543052 (ISBN-13: 9780517543054
(Publisher: Crown Publishing Group)pb
BECOMING A PRACTICAL MYSTICBECOMING A PRACTICAL MYSTIC - Jacquelyn Small - Creating Purpose for Our Spiritual Future. This little book reminds us that when Spiritual Purpose becomes the organizing principle behind our actions, everything in life falls into place. Best-selling author (over 300,000 books in print) and popular workshop leader Jacquelyn Small shares inspiring stories and specific daily practices for co-creating our personal spiritual destiny. Through such practical techniques as "The Magical Work of Focused Intention," "The Power of Invocation," and "The Process of Manifestation," Small teaches readers to use focused spiritual energy – what she calls "active prayer" – to remake their own lives and to evolve toward becoming visionary guides for others.
ISBN 0835607704 (Theos Pub) pb
BEYOND MORTAL BOUNDARIES - Annalee SkarinBEYOND MORTAL BOUNDARIES is the record which reveals the Way of Life Eternal -- that "straight and narrow way." ISBN 0875160891
BEYOND RELIGIONBEYOND RELIGION - David N. Elkins - A Personal Program for Building a Spiritual Life outside the Walls of Traditional Religion. Is it possible to be spiritual without being religious? This book is aimed at the millions who find that traditiona1 religion fails to meet their spiritual needs. Authentic, soul- nurturing spirituality, Elkins shows, can be found in unlikely places, well outside church or temple walls – a therapist’s office, a mountain park, an art studio – even your own bedroom.

For un-churched Americans hungry for spiritual sustenance, Elkins offers validation of eight nontraditional paths, including counseling and psychotherapy; friendship and community; creative expression; and sacred sexuality.

Readers searching for an alternative spirituality that is right for them will find exercises to help them discover a personal path to the sacred and a wealth of innovative practices to make nonreligious spiritual practice a part of daily life.  
ISBN 083560764X (Theos Pub) pb

THE BOOK OF BOOKS THE BOOK OF BOOKS - Annalee Skarin     The truth Christ so earnestly wished to share with His apostles on that last night, at the Feast of the Passover.  ISBN 087516174X
THE BOUNDLESS CIRCLE - Caring for Creatures and Creation - Dr Michael W Fox - THE BOUNDLESS CIRCLEAmerica's veterinarian, Dr. Michael Fox, syndicated columnist and author of over 40 books, examines religion's attitude, especially Christianity, toward the treatment of animals and nature. Fox argues that the world's ecological salvation lies in embracing panentheism, the seed idea within the mystical tradition of all major religions, a philosophy which, unlike pantheism, states that it is not God that inhabits the world, but the world that inhabits God. ISBN 0835607259 (Theos Pub) hc
THE BROTHERHOOD OF ANGELS AND MENTHE BROTHERHOOD OF ANGELS AND MEN - Geoffrey Hodson - A clairvoyant receives messages from the angelic kingdom. The Brotberhood’ of Angels and Men consists of messages direct from the angelic kingdom to the author – messages of peace, patience, joy, and unity from The Angels of Power, the Angels of Healing, and The Guardian Angels of the Home. A book for all souls who believe that there is more to our creation than what we are aware of with our five senses, or what science might provide through the use of sophisticated equipment.   ISBN 0835605590 (Theos Pub) pb
THE CALL TO THE HEIGHTS - Geoffrey Hodson - A teacher-to-pupil book of instructions on how to awaken our divine consciousness.  
0835604772 (Theos Pub) pb
CAUSAL BODY AND THE EGO - Arthur E. Powell - A classic discussion of the immortal principle of human beings, which survives the death of the body and carries the human essence from life to life. ISBN 971616002X (Atrium Pub) pb
CELEBRATE THE SOLSTICE: HONORING THE EARTH'S SEASONAL RHYTHMS THROUGH FESTIVAL AND CEREMONY - Richard Heinberg - Practical suggestions for joyous, life-affirming, contemporary celebrations of seasonal renewal based on solstice celebrations from cultures around the world and throughout history. ISBN 0835606937 (Theos Pub) pb
CELESTIAL SONG - Annalee Skarin - ISBN 0875160905
THE Chakras THE CHAKRAS - C. W. Leadbeater - A world-famous clairvoyant examines the spiritual force centers in our body, explaining clearly and simply what each chakra means and how to access its potential. A classic of esoteric literature, with more than 200,000 copies in print. Ten striking color illustrations.  ISBN 0835604225 (Theos Pub) pb
THE CHAKRAS AND THE HUMAN ENERGY FIELDS - Shafica Karagulla & Dora Kunz - Correlations between medical science and clairvoyant observations. Presents fascinating experimental evidence that illness can be seen in the subtle energy fields of the body. ISBN 0835606414 pb ,  ISBN 0835606503 (Theos Pub) hc
CLAIRVOYANCE - C. W. Leadbeater - A study of ESP by an accomplished clairvoyant. ISBN 8170591422 (Theos Pub)hc
CLAIRVOYANT INVESTIGATIONS - Geoffrey Hodson - Paintings of angels and music forms, with commentary.   ISBN 083560585X (Theos Pub) pb
COMMUNION WITH GOD - Neale Donald Walsch - The author of Conversations with God goes beyond the dialogue format to present the voice of God Himself, speaking directly to readers on such subjects as the ten illusions of man, which hold us back from fulfilling our potential. In presenting a model that moves beyond conversation to communion, this book's underlying message is one of intimacy, hope, and unconditional spiritual love. ISBN 0399146709
DEVACHANIC PLANE - C. W. Leadbeater - A clairvoyant description of our "heaven" consciousness. ISBN 817059068X (Theos Pub)hc
ESSENTIAL WRITINGS - Mother Teresa - Mother Teresa of Calcutta, Foundress of the Missionaries of Charity, is widely regarded as one of the outstanding Christians of the twentieth century. Before her death in 1997 she had come to embody for many people the modern definition of holiness. This selection of her writings highlights the essential dimensions of her spiritual message. ISBN 1570753792
ETHERIC BODY OF MAN - Phoebe Bendit & Lawrence Bendit - A detailed study of the human health aura. ISBN 0835604896 (Theos Pub) pb
THE ETHERIC DOUBLE THE ETHERIC DOUBLE - Arthur E. Powell - The health aura: What it is and does. Based on the works of famous theosophists.  
0835600750 (Theos Pub) pb
EXPLORING THE GREAT BEYOND - Geoffrey Farthing - A thought-provoking study of magic, telepathy, spiritualism, psychism, and other extraordinary topics.  
0835605086 (Theos Pub) pb
EXTRASENSORY PERCEPTION OF QUARKS - Stephen Phillips - Clairvoyant esoteric observations weighed against modern physics.  
0835602273 (Theos Pub) hc
FAIRIES - Edward Gardner - The debunked Cottingley pictures of the fairy kingdom.
0835605698 (Theos Pub) pb
FAIRIES AT WORK AND PLAY - Geoffrey Hodson - A clairvoyant study of the unseen forms that surround us.   ISBN 0835605531 (Theos Pub) pb
FENG SHUI FOR THE BODYFENG SHUI FOR THE BODY - Daniel Santos - Balancing Body and Mind for a Healthier Life. Feng shui means "the flow of things." In this breakthrough book, the Chinese principles of energy flow, usually applied to arranging one’s home, are extended to the real house we inhabit – our human body.

As Daniel Santos learns from these fascinating teachers to balance the energies of body and mind according to feng shui principles, he guides readers on a profound journey of self-discovery and self-healing. Postures, exercises, innovative meditations, and journaling techniques based on the principles of Chinese medicine and feng shui teach readers to "Become Aware of Your Center," "Contact Your Energy Body," and use the "Four Motions" of body movement, breath, eye movement, and sound to improve the body’s energy flow for greater health and well-being.

Daniel Santos, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, has been a licensed, practicing acupuncturist and healer in Santa Fe for over twenty years. Former chairman of the New Mexico State Acupuncture Board, he has studied and taught Tai Chi and related styles of body movement. He is author of Luminous Essence. 
ISBN 0835607623 (Theos Pub) pb

Ed. - Stephen Isaac
- Inspired insight into the realm of devas and other Nature Angels from a clairvoyant Christian mystic, one of the original angel teachers. Illustrated. "Newhouse is one of the outstanding mystics of this century."- Peter Michel, publisher, Aquamarin Verlag.
ISBN 0835607216 (Theos Pub) pb
GAIA'S HIDDEN LIFE Comp. - Shirley Nicholson & Brenda Rosen - A new collection of essays on the living intelligence within nature from various spiritual and scientific perspectives, featuring articles by James Lovelock, Dorothy MacLean, Joan Halifax, Thomas Berry, John Seed, Serge Kahili King, and others. 
0835606856 (Theos Pub) pb
Gary Zukav  & Linda Francis
Oprah favorite Gary Zukav believes that our meaning is right here: "Becoming a spiritual person," he writes, "requires becoming aware of your emotions." According to this bestselling author, we must align our selves to our soul's call: "The goals of your soul are harmony, cooperation, sharing and reverence for Life. When those goals of your soul become your goals, your personality is aligned with your soul. That is authentic power." A quieting message for difficult times.

From the Publisher:
With the rare combination of profound psychological insight and deep spirituality that has already drawn millions of readers to his two great national bestsellers, The Seat of the Soul and Soul Stories, prize-winning author Gary Zukav now joins with his spiritual partner Linda Francis to help us to develop a new emotional awareness that is central to our spiritual development. In The Seat of the Soul, Zukav brilliantly set forth his fundamental concepts, explaining how the expansion of human perception beyond the five senses leads to a new understanding of power as the alignment of the personality with the soul -- "authentic power." In Soul Stories, he showed how such concepts as harmony, cooperation, sharing, and reverence for Life express themselves in other people's lives. Now, in The Heart of the Soul, he and Francis take the next major step forward in showing us the importance of emotional awareness in applying these concepts to our own daily lives.

Zukav and Francis show how true emotional awareness transforms the human experience. Although developing emotional awareness is challenging and difficult because it requires becoming aware of our buried emotional pain, it is also enormously rewarding. The Heart of the Soul shows us how to free ourselves from our compulsions, fixations, obsessions, and addictions -- such as anger, workaholism, perfectionism, obsessive eating, alcohol and drug abuse, and sexual addiction -- that prevent us from living a fulfilling and meaningful life. It also provides the reader with the necessary tools to replace the desire to avoid painful emotions with the desire to explore every aspect of consciousness, and to cultivate the parts of ourselves that contribute the most to Life.

Emotional awareness -- becoming aware of everything we are feeling at every moment -- is one of the most challenging tasks we can undertake. As Zukav relates in the book, "The longest journey that you will make in your life is from your head to your heart." For all of us, that is the unending journey toward spiritual growth -- toward wholeness, wisdom, and compassion -- and the healing that will allow us to achieve our fullest potential.

Zukav and Francis do not discount the violence and destruction that pervade our world, but they recognize a new, emerging consciousness that has the power to transform it. The Heart of the Soul will be a powerful revelation, enabling readers to recognize emotional awareness as a key component in the creation of authentic power. Filled with helpful tools, empowering practices, and compelling drawings, The Heart of the Soul is a life-changing work that can reshape our lives for the better. It is a book to read and reread many times.   ISBN 0743234960
THE HIDDEN LIFE OF FREEMASONRY - C. W. Leadbeater - A detailed explanation of the ceremonies and rituals of freemasonry.  
8170591066 (Quest) hc
THE HIDDEN SIDE OF THINGS - C. W. Leadbeater - A comprehensive survey of the forces in nature that are unseen but still affect our lives.   
8170591767 (Theos Pub) hc
The InitiationTHE INITIATION - Donald Schnell - A JOURNEY TO A SPIRITUALITY THOUSANDS OF YEARS OLD  Newly updated and revised, The Initiation , reads like a novel, a story of spiritual mystery, suspense, romance, and illumination. "I had no idea what lay before me in the month prior to my initiation," Schnell writes. "But I knew somehow God would create whatever situation was required to make me ready." Jean Houston said of the book, "This is a metaphysical adventure story of the highest order. Indeed, the reader feels something of the mystery and spiritual power that the author experienced, and is subtly changed in the process." The Initiation is a book for anyone interested in spirituality and the search for truth. Convergence Magazine compares the book to the Autobiography of a Yogi and says in a review, "Every once in a while a book comes along that feels like an explosion of light and sound. The Initiation is one of those books."

About the Author - Donald Schnell grew up in the Southwest and has made repeated pilgrimages to India over the years, while earning degrees in medical hypnotherapy, education, and chiropractic medicine. He is the co-author of Fitonics with his wife, Marilyn Diamond (co-author of Fit for Life). Donald Schnell and Marilyn live in Los Angeles, California where they share Babaji's teachings through seminars and courses on enlightenment and transformation. They spend part of their year in Hawaii where they also run a series of seminars. ISBN: 1930722060 Visit the author's website at
IN SEARCH OF THE SACRED - Rick Jarow - A pilgrimage to the holy places of the world. ISBN 0835606139 (Theos Pub) pb
THE INNER LIFE THE INNER LIFE - C. W. Leadbeater - A study of our unseen nature and the universe. ISBN 0835605027 (Theos Pub) pb

THE INNER LIFETHE INNER LIFE OF KRISHNAMURTI, - Private Passion and Perenial Wisdom - Aryel Sanat - Jiddu Krishnamurti is unquestionably one of the most influential spiritual teachers of the twentieth century. Though he steadfastly denied identification with any particular philosophy or religion, his words and ideas have influenced the spiritual evolution of many people and of the century itself.

Aryel Sanat's meticulously researched and cogently argued exploration of Krishnamurti's inner life and experiences explodes a number of popular myths about Krishnamurti, particularly that he denied the existence of the Theosophical Masters and disdained the esoteric side of the spiritual path. Rather, Sanat persuasively demonstrates, Krishnamurti had a rich and intense esoteric life. Moreover, the truths of the Ancient Wisdom, as revealed through the Masters, were a reality to Krishnamurti every day of his life, from his boyhood until his death. The real story of Krishnamurti's inner life is shown to have critical implications for our understanding of Krishnamurti's life and ideas and for our views of Theosophy, Buddhism, the teachings of Gurdjieff ---- indeed, the entirety of contemporary spiritual thought.

Aryel Sanat has lectured and written on Krishnamurti and related subjects for thirty years. In addition to his work as an editor and translator, he has taught philosophy, logic, and humanities at the University of Miami. Spirituality/Biography, 320 pages, 6 X 9 pb, (Theos. Pub.)   ISBN 083560781X

INVISIBLE HELPERS - C. W. Leadbeater - How humanity is helped by unseen beings. ISBN 8170592453 (Theos Pub) hc
THE KINGDOM OF THE GODS -   Geoffrey Hodson  - A clairvoyant views the glorious angelic kingdom. With 29 color illustrations.  
8170590604 (Theos Pub) hc
MAN VISIBLE AND INVISIBLEMAN VISIBLE AND INVISIBLE - C. W. Leadbeater - This esoteric classic examines the invisible bodies of humans, showing how the colors of the aura change with different emotional states. Points out the hidden differences between humans and animals.
With 26 color illustrations.   ISBN
0835603113 (Theos Pub) pb
Messages From Your AngelsMESSAGES FROM YOUR ANGELS: WHAT YOUR ANGELS WANT YOU TO KNOW - Doreen Virtue - This sequel to Doreen Virtue's best-selling book Angel Therapy is a channeled work that contains fresh and uplifting information from the angelic realm. The angels, including Archangel Michael, provide healing messages that will help you discover your life's purpose, understand your romantic relationships, heal from emotional pain, and make crucial life decisions. ISBN 1561708607
Mother Teresa's Reaching Out In Love MOTHER TERESA'S REACHING OUT IN LOVE - Mother Teresa - MOTHER TERESA WROTE nothing for publication, yet in the course of four decades she spoke on countless occasions in more than one hundred countries. She spoke extemporaneously and from the heart. Because she knew exactly what she wanted to say, her words were always to the point and her stories never lengthy.
In order to get her message of compassion across, Mother Teresa would usually adorn her comments with two or three brief tales drawn from her own experience. One hundred and nine of the very best of these are presented here. They are true-life vignettes that highlight the courage and sacrifice of real people: children who spontaneously gave up what they cherished most; women who shared whatever little they possessed with a poorer neighbor; the dying in the streets who, despite their terrible deprivations, managed a smile at the end. Simple yet profound, these stories are imbued with both earthy wit and heavenly wisdom. They enrich, ennoble, and inspire. ISBN 0760733724
MUSIC FORMS - Geoffrey Hodson - Clairvoyant observations of music. Color illustrations. ISBN 8170590906 (Theos Pub) pb
OUR PSYCHIC SENSE - Phoebe Bendit & Lawrence Bendit - The psychic faculty and how it operates. ISBN 0835600343 (Theos Pub) pb
THE PATH OF DISCIPLESHIP - Annie Besant - The qualifications for and the life of a disciple. ISBN 8170591236 (Theos Pub) pb

THE PERSONAL AURA - Dora Kunz - A fascinating, clairvoyant look at the emotional energy field which surrounds each person. 19 color plates show changes in the field as people age or during illness. A fresh view of the subtle aspects of the human constitution, which are hidden from most of us.
ISBN 0835606759
hc , 0835606716 (Theos Pub) pb

THE PILGRIM SELF THE PILGRIM SELF - Traveling the Path from Life to Life - 
Robert Ellwood
- Gentle guidance for the journey through this life and on to the next. In quiet moments of reflection, we have all been moved to ask: Why was I born in this time and not another? Why in this country, to this family, with this body? For Theosophy, as for Hinduism and Buddhism, answers to these questions can be found in the concept of infinite life. These teachings tell us that we all live countless lives, and that we are propelled from one to the next by karma, or cause and effect. Theosophist Helena Blavatsky called the individual self a Pilgrim, who journeys from life to life learning, growing, and evolving toward the state of infinite purity from which we come and which is our true home. 1n this inspiring book, Robert Ellwood guides the Pilgrim who is each of us along the path of life, pointing out its essential signposts and suggesting answers to basic philosophical questions. Robert Ellwood, Ph.D.., is Professor of Religion at the University of Southern California. He is author of more than twenty books, including Alternative Alters and Finding the Quiet Mind. ISBN 0835607399 (Theos Pub) pb
THE POWER OF PLACE THE POWER OF PLACE : SACRED GROUND IN NATURAL AND HUMAN ENVIRONMENTS - James Swan - Provocative essays on the effects and creation of sacred spaces written by architects, feng shui experts, environmentalists and others. Includes essays by Edwin Bernbaum Richard Leviton, Stanley Krippner. Illustrated.
0835606708 (Theos Pub) pb
Real World of FairiesTHE REAL WORLD OF FAIRIES, - A First-Person Account - 
Dora van Gelder
 Foreword by Caitlin Matthews "If we are patient and courteous, we too can find fairy allies in the wild places of nature, in the secret pathways of our dreams, in the deep wisdom of the ancient and ancestral traditions of our land, as Dora van Gelder has demonstrated." - Caitlin Matthews, from the Foreword

The Real World of Fairies is a privileged glimpse into a joyous, animated universe. Dora's enchanting vision of her encounters with the fairy realm delights the child in us, while it excites our grown-up imagination, rekindles our creative energy, and deepens our sense of connection with nature. This new edition features a foreword by Celtic folk expert Caitlin Matthews. Caitlin's personal experiences and deep knowledge of the fairy world resonate brilliantly with Dora's, adding a fresh perspective for contemporary readers.

Dora van Gelder Kunz was born in 1904 with clairvoyant faculties, further trained during her association with C. W. Leadbeater. She has been associated for many years with new techniques in healing, including developing Therapeutic Touch with Dr. Dolores Krieger. Former president of The Theosophical Society in America, she is author of The Chakras and the Human Energy Fields (with Dr. Shafica Karagulla), The Personal Aura, and the anthology Spiritual Healing.

Spirituality/New Age, 160 pages, 4 1/2 X 7 3/8 pb, (Theos. Pub.)   ISBN 0835607798

THE ROYAL ROAD THE ROYAL ROAD - Stephan Hoeller - Learn to integrate Tarot and Kabbalah to heighten the experience of meditation. Includes 22 illustrations of the Major Arcana with appropriate meditations designed to lead the reader easily into a meditative state.
ISBN 0835604659
(Theos Pub) pb
SAVED BY A GHOST - C. W. Leadbeater - True classic tales of ghosts and hauntings written at the turn of the century.  ISBN 0835605264 (Theos Pub) pb
THE SECRET OF SELF REALIZATION - I K Taimni - Translation of 20 aphorisms of Pratyabhijna Hridayam.  ISBN 8170591279 (Theos Pub) hc
SECRETS OF ETERNITYSECRETS OF ETERNITY - Annalee SkarinThe cause of darkness and how it might be dispelled: the Christ Light, leading to a new day.  
ISBN 0875160921
The Seven Bodies UnveiledTHE SEVEN BODIES UNVEILED - Flower Arlene Newhouse - The central topic of this book--the seven bodies of man--is one of the most basic of all esoteric teachings, yet only a few books have been published on the subject over the last century (and those mostly by Theosophical Society members). This important introduction, explains the concept of the etheric or astral body and the mental body's function in controlling thoughts. Ultimately this teaching is key to understanding the true essence of human existence.
ISBN 1885394497
THE SEVEN HUMAN TEMPERAMENTS - Geoffrey Hodson - A study of our spiritual impulses. ISBN 8170590523 (Theos Pub) hc
ShambhalaSHAMBHALA - Beyond Tibet, lies a paradise of universal wisdom and ineffable peace known as Shambhala... For thousands of years, stories have been told about an inaccessible garden paradise hidden among the icy peaks and secluded valleys of the Himalayas. Called by some Shangri-La, this mythical kingdom, where the pure at heart live forever among jewel lakes, wish-fulfilling trees, and speaking stones, has fired the imagination of both actual explorers and mystical travelers to the inner realms. In this fascinating look behind the myth, Victoria LePage traces the links between this legendary Utopia and the mythologies of the world. Shambhala, LePage argues persuasively, is "real" and may be becoming more so as humans as species learn increasingly to perceive dimensions of reality that have been concealed for millennia. Victoria LePage began her lifelong interest in Shambhala almost fifty years ago, when she was in her early twenties. Her researches led her to studies of both the Hindu-Buddhist and Sufi traditions and to long visits to Central Java, where the Shambhala tradition is strong. Her articles on the struggles of Indonesia have been published in leading Australian newspapers. She lives in the province of Victoria, in Australia. This is her first published book. 
083560750X (Theos Pub) pb
SPIRITUAL ENLIGHTENMENT - Jed McKenna - Jed McKenna is a one-man spiritual revolution. His first book, SPIRITUAL ENLIGHTENMENT: THE DAMNEDEST THING, became an instant classic and established him as a spiritual teacher of startling depth and clarity. A must-read for the serious seeker.
ISBN 0971435235 (WiseFool Press)
SPIRITUALLY INCORRECT ENLIGHTENMENT - Jed McKenna - Jed McKenna is a one-man spiritual revolution. His second book, SPIRITUALLY INCORRECT ENLIGHTENMENT, takes readers on a fascinating tour of the enlightened state as it's never been seen before. A must-read for the serious seeker.
ISBN 0971435243  (WiseFool Press)
THE SPIRITUAL LIFE THE SPIRITUAL LIFE - Annie Besant - How can a modem person lead a spiritual life? A classic spiritual writer shows that the value of the spiritual path is not the goal, but the striving for it. Offers clear principles for those who dare to lead the spiritual life. "Spirituality depends upon one's attitude toward life." ISBN 083560666X (Theos Pub) pb
SPIRITUAL PARENTINGSPIRITUAL PARENTING: A SOURCEBOOK FOR PARENTS AND TEACHERS - Steven Rosman - A valuable sourcebook for spiritual exercises and activities to assist children's inner development. Rosman offers practical suggestions about using music, storytelling, breathing exercises, purification rituals, yoga, and meditation. 
0835607038 (Theos Pub) pb
TAROT AND THE TREE OF LIFE: FINDING EVERYDAY WISDOM IN THE MINOR ARCANA - Isabel Radow Kleigman - Look in depth at the 56 Minor Arcana, or suit cards! Simple, accessible, and easy to understand, these "overlooked mirrors" of everyday life can help you access your inner knowing and learn more about yourself. In refreshingly down-to-earth terms and with commonsense wisdom, Kliegman demystitifies the Tarot by revealing its "Small Secrets." Forward by
 Stephan Hoeller, author of
Jung and the Lost Gospels.  
ISBN 083560747X (Theos Pub) pb
THE TECHNIQUE OF THE SPIRITUAL LIFE - Clara Codd - The way to "divine realization." ISBN 0835670902 (Theos Pub) hc
THEORIES OF THE CHAKRAS - Hiroshi Motoyama - An in-depth investigation into the human energy field and the benefits of tantra yoga. The pioneering work of C. W. Leadbeater, who brought the Chakras to the attention of the West, is discussed in detail. ISBN 0835605515 (Theos Pub) pb
THERE'S A SPIRITUAL SOLUTION TO EVERY PROBLEM  - Wayne W. Dyer  - In this inspiring new audio, best-selling author Wayne W. Dyer shows us that there is an omnipresent spiritual force right at our fingertips that contains the solution to our problems — from ill health, to financial worries, to relationship difficulties. Drawing from various spiritual traditions, especially from the prayer of St. Francis of Assisi, Dyer helps us unplug from the material world and awaken to the divine within. There's a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem provides the essential foundations for spiritual problem solving, and explains the basic principles needed to understand and access the world of spirit. You'll hear the words of Patanjali, a Yogi mystic whose teachings and practices deeply affected Dyer and informed his realization that the spiritual force is everywhere. Then Dr. Dyer gives specific suggestions to help listeners put spiritual problem solving into practice. St. Francis's legacy is one of love, harmony, and service — putting our collective energies toward what we are for instead of what we are against. As Dyer writes, "Thinking is the source of problems. Your heart holds the answer to solving them." ISBN 0060192305
THOUGHT FORMS - Annie Besant & C. W. Leadbeater - Two noted clairvoyants discuss the shape, color, and power of mental energy. 58 illustrations.  ISBN 0835600084 (Theos Pub) pb
THOUGHT POWER - Annie Besant - One of the first books on the healing power of thought. ISBN 0835603121 (Theos Pub) pb
TOUCHED BY ANGELS - Flower A Newhouse - A comprehensive perspective on the many ways Angels communicate and work with us. Provides simple techniques to help us initiate contact with Angels ourselvesISBN 1885394314


UNDERSTANDING GOD'S LOVEUNDERSTANDING GOD'S LOVE - Ronald Greib - If God loves us, why do bad things happen? Greib answers this burning question, using biblical passages to provide insightful reasonings as to why bad things happen - and they never happen because God wills it! Greib goes on to point out how God's love is always available to us, to aid us in our struggles against evil and against our own human nature. Clear, logical, well-researched, completely biblically based from Old to New Testament. A must-read for clergy and counselors, who need to get the answer right!  ISBN 0965640302

Every ordinary act of kindness - like shaking down seed from a frozen bird feeder - is an expression of the intuitive goodness which lies at the heart of every human being. Zen Buddhists call this inborn compassion the "Heartmind".

This touching and uplifting collection of tales and personal essays helps readers uncover the simple wisdom of charity, benevolence, and sympathy within everyday acts. Each story goes straight to the heart, reminding us of what we aspire to be and assuring us that it is within our reach to get there.

"Simplicity, Lin Jensen writes, has an inevitability about it. In these moving essays, clarity and eloquence also seem utterly inevitable, the wisdom of the farmer and the wisdom of Zen united in practice." - Sam Hamill, editor, Copper Canyon Press

Lin Jensen received lay ordination in the Soto school of Zen Buddhism in 1994. After retiring from a thirty-year college teaching career, he began to write essays reflecting his growing spiritual understanding. His stories have been published in Birding, Bird-Watcher's Digest, Turning Wheel, and other journals.

Spirituality/Buddhism, 208 pages, 5 1/4 X 7 7/8 pb, (Theos. Pub.) ISBN 0835607755

THE WAKING DREAM THE WAKING DREAM - Unlocking the Symbolic Language of Our Lives
Ray Grasse - The telephone rings. It is a grammar school friend you have not heard from in 30 years, but just now, while going through a box of old photographs, you came across his picture. Is this coincidence, or do such events have deeper significance? This engaging and penetrating book opens readers to the world of meaningful coincidences. Weaving ancient insights with contemporary teachings on sacred psychology, astrology, and subtle energy, Grasse shows readers how to understand the deeper meaning of the symbols and synchronicities of their everyday lives. (Theos Pub) ISBN 0835607267 hc , 
ISBN 0835607496 (Theos Pub) pb
Florence Schovel Shinn
- Ms. Scovel's works as captured in this comprehensive volume is an invaluable tool for the individual embarking on the journey to understanding faith, the power of the mind and the spoken word. Personally, I have thus far read it through, cover to cover, twice, and have found new things on which to meditate each time. It also gives a very non-judgemental interpretation of God's word and how to use it to live, peacefully, harmoniously, abundantly and joyfully. I not only recommend it, I have given it as gifts to my friends. The power of life and death rests in the tongue. We all hold the key to our happiness in our words. This realization of Truth has set me free. This book has been the catalysts for that freedom.
ISBN: 0671682288
YE ARE GODS - Annalee Skarin   Shows that man himself creates every condition on earth, that the eternal source of power is released within man!  Revealing the truth of the great scriptures, "All that the Father has is ours." ISBN 0875167187