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10 Secrets For Success 10 SECRETS FOR SUCCESS AND INNER PEACE - Wayne W. Dyer - Using aphorisms such as Virginia Woolf's "Arrange whatever pieces come your way" and Mother Teresa's "God is the friend of silence," Dr. Wayne Dyer constructs a natural footpath to inner peace and enduring success. The calming text is almost poetic in its simplicity. ISBN 1561708755
100 YEARS OF THEOSOPHY100 YEARS OF THEOSOPHY - Joy Mills - The colorful history of The Theosophical Society in the U.S. ISBN 0835602354 Theos Pub pb
AN ABRIDGMENT OF THE SECRET DOCTRINE - H P Blavatsky, Ed. Elizabeth Preston & Christmas Humphreys - The creation of the universe and the nature of humanity as taught in the Ancient Wisdom. A shortened presentation of the original classic. ISBN 0835600092 Theos Pub pb
THE ANCIENT WISDOM - Annie Besant - An in-depth study of theosophical teachings. ISBN 8170592038 (Theos Pub) hc
ANCIENT WISDOM-MODERN INSIGHT - Shirley Nicholson - The theosophical philosophy as an integral part of our culture. A lively, modern presentation of theosophical ideas. ISBN 0835605957 Theos Pub pb
THE ART OF HAPPINESSTHE Art of Happiness : A Handbook for Living : Dalai Lama - Nearly every time you see him, he's laughing, or at least smiling. And he makes everyone else around him feel like smiling. He's the Dalai Lama, the spiritual and temporal leader of Tibet, a Nobel Prize winner, and an increasingly popular speaker and statesman. What's more, he'll tell you that happiness is the purpose of life, and that "the very motion of our life is towards happiness." How to get there has always been the question. He's tried to answer it before, but he's never had the help of a psychiatrist to get the message across in a context we can easily understand. Through conversations, stories, and meditations, the Dalai Lama shows us how to defeat day-to-day anxiety, insecurity, anger, and discouragement. Together with Dr. Cutler, he explores many facets of everyday life, including relationships, loss, and the pursuit of wealth, to illustrate how to ride through life's obstacles on a deep and abiding source of inner peace.
ISBN 1573221112 Putnam Publishing Group. 
BASIC THEOSOPHY - Geoffrey Hodson - Discusses a broad spectrum of theosophical concepts. ISBN 817059166X (Theos Pub) hc
BEYOND LOGIC AND MYSTICISM - Tom McArthur - A playful guide utilizing exercises to develop a more integrative mind through unitive thinking. 
0835606597 Theos Pub pb

Ed. Boris de Zirkoff
- The definitive edition of HPB's writings in 14 volumes.


Vol 1 ISBN 0835600823 hc , Vol 2 0835600912 hc , Vol 3 0835600998 hc , Vol 4 0835601064 hc , Vol 5 083560117X hc , Vol 6 0835601250 hc , Vol 7 0835671550 hc Vol 8 0835602249 hc , Vol 9 0835602176 hc , Vol 10 0835671887 hc , Vol 11 083560215X hc , Vol 12 0835602281 hc , Vol 13 083560229X hc , Vol 14 0835602346 Theos Pub hc

The greatest Occultist in the history of Western civilization, a direct agent of the Trans- Himalayan Brotherhood of Adepts. Born August 12 (July 31, old Russian style), 1831, at Ekaterinoslav, Ukraine, Russia. Daughter of Col. Peter Alexeyevich von Hahn, and Helena Andreyevna, nee de Fadeyev, renowned novelist who died young. Granddaughter on maternal side of Privy Councillor Andrey Mihailovich de Fadeyev, and Princess Helena Pavlovna Dolgorukov, who supervised her education at Saratov and Tiflis, Caucasus. At an early age, traveled with her father in Western Europe. Endowed from childhood with remarkable psychic sensitivity. Married, 1849, Nikifor Vassilyevich Blavatsky, a State Official, very much her senior. Left him and traveled in Turkey, Greece, Egypt, France, 1849-50. Met her Master in London, 1851. Embarked for Canada later in the year; went to New Orleans, Mexico, South America, West Indies; thence via the Cape and Ceylon to India, 1852. Attempted but failed to enter Tibet.

Returned to England via Java, 1853. Came to America again, Summer 1854, crossing the Rockies with caravan of emigrants. May have visited South America again. Left for India, late 1855, via Japan and the Straits. Traveled throughout India, Kashmir, Ladakh, parts of Tibet, Burma, l856-57. Returned to Europe, via Java, 1858, staying in France and Germany. Then returned to Russia, reaching Pskov on Christmas Night, 1858. Left for the Caucasus, early 1860, where she traveled among the native tribes, remaining there until 1864 or 1865. Experienced severe physical and psychic crisis, acquiring complete control over her occult powers. Left Russia again, and traveled extensively in Balkans, Egypt, Syria, Italy, 1866-67. Returned to Italy, 1867, and paid a short visit to Southern Russia. Was present at the battle of Mentana, November 3, 1867, and was wounded. Went to India and Tibet with her Master, late l 868. Returned to Greece, 1870. Embarked for Egypt and was shipwrecked near the Island of Spetsai, July 4, 1871. Settled in Cairo, 1871-72, where she tried to form a Societe Spirite which soon failed. Traveled in Syria, Palestine, the Lebanon, 1872, returning for a short time to Odessa. After brief travels in Eastern Europe, went to Paris, Spring 1873. On her Master’s orders left for New York, landing July 7. Met Col. Henry Steel Olcott at the Eddy farmhouse, Chittenden, Vt., October 14, 1874. Started her literary career late 1874, by writing in defense of genuine spiritualistic manifestations.

September 8, 1875, founded The Theosophical Society, together with Col. Olcott, 
William Q. Judge
, and others (Inaugural Address of Col. Olcott delivered Nov. 17, 1875). Published her first great work, Isis Unveiled, Fall of 1877. Became American citizen, July 8, 1878. Left for India, with Col. Olcott, December 17, 1878, settling at Bombay. Launched her first magazine, The Theosophist, October, 1879, which resulted in rapid growth of Theosophical work in India during 1879-83. Transferred Headquarters to Adyar, Madras, January, 1883. Left for Europe, February 20, 1884, accompanied by Olcott, Mohini, and others. After visiting Nice, settled for a while in Paris, to work on The Secret Doctrine. Briefly visited London. Moved to Elberfeld, Germany, fall of 1884, at which time the Coulomb conspiracy broke out at Adyar. Went to London, October, 1884, and soon after sailed for India, reaching Adyar December 21, 1884. Gravely ill, February, 1885, but restored by her Master. Sailed for Naples, March 31, 1885, leaving India for good. After a brief stay at Torre del Greco, settled at Wiirzburg, Germany, where she wrote large portion of The Secret Doctrine. Moved to Ostende, July, 1886, visiting Elberfeld on her way. Continued her literary task. Transferred her residence to London, May 1887, where the Blavatsky Lodge was established, and her second magazine, Lucifer, was launched, September 1887. Published The Secret Doctrine late Fall, 1888. Founded the Esoteric School the same year, and wrote her Instructions. Published The Key to Theosophy and The Voice of the Silence, 1889. Established, 1890, European Headquarters of the Theosophical Society, at 19 Avenue Road, London, where she died in the midst of arduous labors, May 8, 1891. Cremated at Woking Crematorium Surrey.

COLLECTED WRITINGS OF H. P. BLAVATSKY CUMULATIVE INDEX ... (Volume 15) - Ed. - Dara Eklund - Complete topic index, by volume and page number. ISBN 0835602370 Theos Pub hc

COMMENTARIES ON LIVINGCOMMENTARIES ON LIVING - J Krishnamurti - Records Krishnamurti's meetings with seekers of truth and how to break the boundaries of personality and self-limitation. - A classic series. Ser-1.
ISBN 0835603903 hc , Ser.2, ISBN
0835604152 hc , Ser3., 
ISBN 0835604020 Theos Pub

THE COMMON EXPERIENCE : SIGNPOSTS ON THE PATH TO ENLIGHTENMENT - J M Cohen & J F Phipps - An anthology of the spiritual experiences of monks, philosophers, and spiritual teachers, drawn from both East and West.  ISBN 0835606791 Theos Pub pb
THE CONCEALED WISDOM IN WORLD MYTHOLOGY - Geoffrey Hodson - Myths from the ancient mysteries interpreted according to The Secret Doctrine. 
ISBN 8170591325 hc, ISBN
8170591333 pb (Theos Pub)
CONCENTRATION: AN APPROACH TO MEDITATIONCONCENTRATION: AN APPROACH TO MEDITATION - Ernest Wood - This perennial best-seller assembles 36 mental and physical exercises for taming the natural drifting of the mind. Newly designed edition of a practical manual for success. ISBN 0835601765 Theos Pub pb
CREATING AFFLUENCE: Wealth Consciousness in the Field of All Possibilities - - Deepak Chopra - Blending quantum physics with ancient wisdom, Chopra's A-to-Z steps reveal the states of awareness that spontaneously generate wealth in all its forms. From becoming aware of ALL possibilities to experiencing Zest and joy in life, these uncommon insights can be absorbed and assimilated to work powerful changes in our outlook and attitudes.
112 pp. ISBN 1880032422 (New World Library/Weiser) hc
CULTURE, CRISIS, & CREATIVITY - Dane Rudhyar - An extraordinary vision of existence that explodes the popular myth of cultural permanence and suggests that we should consider breaking away from established patterns and values. 
083560487X Theos Pub pb
Sven Eek
- A compilation of articles and letters. ISBN
0835670031 (Theos Pub) hc
THE DAWNING OF THE THEOSOPHICAL MOVEMENT - Michael Gomes - How Helena Blavatsky met Henry Olcott and began The Theosophical Society. A skillfully woven story of the early years of theosophy which dramatically recreates the key events of the founding of the Society and describes the publication of HPB's Isis Unveiled and her pilgrimage to India with Olcott. ISBN 0835606236 Theos Pub pb
DEVAS AND MEN - Southern Centre of Theosophy - A compilation of theosophical studies on the angelic kingdom. ISBN 817059118X (Theos Pub) hc
DHARMA - Annie Besant - The meaning of "dharma" and its importance for humanity. ISBN 083567116X (Theos Pub/7116) hc
Andrew Harvey & Mark Matousek - The Divine Feminine, love, adoration, and death are some of the topics covered in this profound series of interviews with modern-day mystic Andrew Harvey. 
0835607046 Theos Pub pb
diamondcut.gif (6161 bytes)The Diamond Cutter: The Buddha on Managing Your Business and Your Life - Geshe Michael Roach - With a unique combination of ancient and contemporary wisdom from the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, The Diamond Cutter presents readers with empowering strategies for success in their work and personal lives.

Geshe Michael Roach, one of the great teachers today of Tibetan Buddhism, has richly woven The Diamond Cutter in three layers. The first is a translation of selections from the Diamond Sutra itself, an ancient text comprised of conversations between the Buddha and his close disciple Subhuti. Considered a central work by Buddhists throughout the world, the Diamond Sutra has been the focus of much interpretation over the centuries. In the second layer, Geshe Michael quotes from some of the best commentaries of the Tibetan tradition. In the main text, the third layer, he uses both sutra and commentary as a jumping-off point for presenting his own teaching.

Geshe Michael gives fresh insight into ancient wisdom by using examples from his own experience as one of the founders of the Andin International Diamond Corporation, which was started with capital of fifty thousand dollars and which today has annual sales in excess of one hundred million dollars. Much of the success of Andin has come from applying the business strategies presented in The Diamond Cutter. Geshe Michael's easy style and spiritual understanding make this work of timeless wisdom an invaluable source for those already familiar with, and those unfamiliar with, Tibetan Buddhism. ISBN 0385497911
THE DIVINE PLAN - Geoffrey Barborka - A commentary to The Secret Doctrine. ISBN 8170591848 (Theos Pub) hc
essentialgandhi.jpg (4536 bytes)THE ESSENTIAL GANDHI: An Anthology of His Writings on His Life, Work, and Ideas - by Mahatma Gandhi, Mohandas Gandhi, Mahatma Gandhi, Louis Fischer (Editor) - Mohandas K. Gandhi, called Mahatma ("great soul"), was the father of modern India, but his influence has spread well beyond the subcontinent and is as important today as it was in the first part of the twentieth century and during this nation's own civil rights movement. Taken from Gandhi's writings throughout his life, The Essential Gandhi introduces us to his thoughts on politics, spirituality, poverty, suffering, love, non-violence, civil disobedience, and his own life. The pieces collected here, with explanatory head notes by Gandhi biographer Louis Fischer, offer the clearest, most thorough portrait of one of the greatest spiritual leaders the world has known.
"Gandhi was inevitable. If humanity is to progress, Gandhi is inescapable. . . . We may ignore him at our own risk." –Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

With a new Preface drawn from the writings of Eknath Easwaran:

In the annals of spirituality certain books stand out both for their historical importance and for their continued relevance. The Vintage Spiritual Classics series offers the greatest of these works in authoritative new editions, with specially commissioned essays by noted contemporary commentators. Filled with eloquence and fresh insight, encouragement and solace, Vintage Spiritual Classics are incomparable resources for all readers who seek a more substantive understanding of mankind's relation to the divine.
ISBN: 1400030501
ISBN-13: 9781400030507 (Pub. Knopf Publishing Group)
EVOLUTION TOWARD DIVINITY - Beatrice Bruteau - An engaging examination of Teilhard de Chardin, the great Jesuit scientist-priest, and the Hindu traditions. 
0835602168 Theos Pub hc
THE FOUR AGREEMENTS - Don Miguel Ruiz - When you get tangled in endless dilemmas -- at home, at work, or with friends -- you need to simplify. Don Miguel Ruiz offers the means. In this small book of wisdom, Ruiz, a shaman and healer, instructs us in the four agreements that ensure right conduct. Be impeccable with your word, Ruiz urges. Don’t take anything personally. Don’t make assumptions. Always do your best. Through this small but potent tract, Ruiz explains how Toltec laws can help us simplify and how they can lead us out of everyday snares and into personal freedom. 
ISBN 1878424319
Stephan Hoeller
- This provocative work presents an alternative philosophy for freedom based on the writings of ancient Gnostics and Carl Jung. 
0835606783 Theos Pub pb
FROM THE CAVES AND JUNGLES OF HINDOSTANFROM THE CAVES AND JUNGLES OF HINDOSTAN - H P Blavatsky - A philosophical and esoteric travelogue through India.
ISBN 0835602397 Theos Pub pb
FROM THE OUTER COURT TO THE INNER SANCTUM - Annie Besant - This Quest miniature presents five lectures by Besant on the spiritual pilgrimage.
0835605744 Theos Pub pb
THE GODDESS RE-AWAKENING THE GODDESS RE-AWAKENING - Ed.- Shirley Nicholson - This anthology, with essays by Riane Eisler, June Singer, and others, considers Goddess myths, current psychological perspectives, and the feminine principle in spirituality today. ISBN 0835606422 Theos Pub pb
THE GREAT AWAKENING: REFLECTIONS OF ZEN AND REALITY - Robert Powell - Krishnamurti's ideas and Zen Buddhism are compared. 
0835605779 Theos Pub pb
HOW TO KNOW GODHOW TO KNOW GOD: The Soul's Journey Into the Mystery of Mysteries - Deepak Chopra  Dubbed by Time magazine "the poet-prophet of alternative medicine,'' Deepak Chopra is the distinguished author of 25 books that have helped guide us to a sense of physical well-being and spiritual wholeness. Now, in his most ambitious work to date, the best-selling writer explains how the human brain is "hardwired'' to know God and how, in our struggle to find meaning in a chaotic universe, we instinctively gravitate toward the divine. Leading us through seven levels of religious experience, How to Know God examines how our brains perceive God--first as an all-powerful and somewhat unpredictable parent and finally as pure being--sacred presence and co-creator in the continuing process of life. Shot through with remarkable personal insights, this skillful blend of philosophy and science charts an intriguing course through the sacred and the profane, delving along the way into a number of fascinating and mysterious realms, including religious mysticism, genius, telepathy, multiple personality, and clairvoyance.
Format: Hardcover, 320pp. ISBN: 0609600788 Publisher: Crown Publishing Group. ALSO IN AUDIO Format:
Audio ISBN: 0375409491 Publisher: Random House Audio
H. P. BLAVATSKY AND THE SECRET DOCTRINE - Virginia Hanson - An anthology of Blavatsky's contributions to world thought. 
0835606309 Theos Pub pb
I SAY SUNRISE - Talbot Mundy - A deep look into spirituality and an assault on mass consciousness, institutionalized thinking, and second-hand experiences. 
ISBN 0875160689 DeVorss pb
ISIS UNVEILEDISIS UNVEILED - H P Blavatsky - HPB's first monumental work, covering science and theology. In two volumes. ISBN 0835602478 Theos Pub pb (View.This.Book.ONLINE)
ISIS UNVEILED: SECRETS OF THE ANCIENT WISDOM TRADITIO ISIS UNVEILED: SECRETS OF THE ANCIENT WISDOM TRADITION - Michael Gomes - A clear and readable edition of HPB's early classic, abridged for today's readers! Creating a sensation when it was first published in 1877, this new edition breathes fresh life into this classic of Western esoteric thinking. This is a clear and readable exploration of the universal truths of the Ancient Wisdom Tradition by one of the most remarkable women of modern times. ISBN 0835607291 Theos Pub pb
jesus_physics.jpg (21641 bytes)JESUS WAS A PHYSICS MAJOR - Robert Bazemore - With enthusiastic zeal, Bazemore blends a Gary Zukov-style of scientific clarity with the light-hearted tone of Gerald Jampolsky.  This work explains how scientific principals correlate with practical, spiritual law.  From the theologian to the theorist, the parent to the philosopher, all can glean valuable understanding in the creative process of their daily experience.
"Jesus Was a Physics Major takes a light-hearted look at the advances in science from the Classical Newtonian model through quantum theory and correlates these findings to the ancient wisdom taught by the masters, specifically, Jesus Christ.
This book is a result of eighteen years of studying science and religion. My left-brain training in engineering, physics, and physiology clashed with my right-brain understanding of Christianity. Using my life as a laboratory, I set out to “prove” how spiritual practices in faith, prayer, healing, and prosperity correlate to natural law."

Author: Robert Bazemore's formal education includes civil engineering and physics at Georgia Southern University, chemistry/biology at Savannah State College,
graduate of LeTourneau University with a Business Administration degree, a student of comparative religion, eastern philosophy and yoga, and, is a practitioner of Kriya Yoga through Self-Realization Fellowship. He is co-founder of Yoga Lotus, Inc., a Hatha Yoga studio in Houston, Texas, where he resides with his wife and two precious saint-makers.

Format: pb, 336 pgs., ISBN 1414026072 1stBooks
E-book available: ISBN 1414026080 1stBooks
Online Course:"Discover the proven universal laws Christ and modern masters use to make miracles! Create a life of wealth, health and happiness in just 30 minutes a day!"
THE KEY TO THEOSOPHY - H P Blavatsky - Ed. - Joy Mills - Abridgment.- Questions and answers on theosophical ideas, such as karma, spiritualism, reincarnation, and prayer. ISBN 0835604276 Theos Pub pb


8 separate books from the world-renowned philosopher and spiritual teacher.

1. MEETING LIFE - J. Krishnamurti - Writings and Talks on Finding Your Path Without Retreating from Society. Observations on love, politics, society, death, self-censorship, relationships, solitude, meditation, and spiritual growth.
ISBN 0062505262 (HarperCollins) Weiser pb
2. ON FEAR - J. Krishnamurti - A collection of Krishnamurti's most profound observations and thoughts on how fear and dependence affect our lives and prevent us from seeing our true selves. He points out that the voice of fear makes the mind dull and insensitive, and argues that the roots of hidden fears, which limit us and from which we seek escape, cannot be discovered through analysis of the past. He suggests that only a fundamental realization of the root of all fear can free our minds.
ISBN  0062510142 (HarperCollins) Weiser pb
3. ON GOD - J. Krishnamurti - explores the futility of seeking knowledge of the unknowable and shows that it is only when we have ceased seeking with our intellects that we may be radically free to experience reality, truth, and bliss. 
ISBN 0062506072 (HarperSanFrancisco) Weiser pb
4. ON LEARNING AND KNOWLEDGE - J. Krishnamurti - Explores the effects of these learnings and knowledge on human perception, and points out that our dependence on accumulated knowledge can be potentially disastrous for both personal and global human relations. Highlights both the necessary and the psychologically damaging uses of knowledge, offering vital new learning techniques to gain a more accurate perception of the unknown. ISBN 0062510118 (HarperCollins) Weiser pb
5. ON LOVE AND LONELINESS - J. Krishnamurti - Explores the subtle role of "true relationships" that occur when there is self-knowledge and an understanding of personal, sectarian, political, and national conditioning.
ISBN 0062510134 (HarperCollins) Weiser pb
6. ON MIND AND THOUGHT - J. Krishnamurti - Asserting the distinction between conditioned thought and truly creative thinking. Explores what Krishnamurti referred to as "that vast space in the brain in which there is unimaginable energy". 
ISBN 0062510150 (HarperCollins) Weiser pb
7. ON TRUTH - J. Krishnamurti - Offers Krishnamurti's most profound ruminations on the search for truth. These vital teachings show how truth arises when effort ceases, the mind is empty, and there is only the present moment. 
ISBN 0062510126 (HarperCollins) Weiser pb
8. THINK ON THESE THINGS - J. Krishnamurti - Examines the expressions of our culture, education, religion, politics, and traditions. Throws light on the emotions Krishnamurti sees to be the deteriorating factors in human society: greed, envy, ambition, and the desire for security and power.
ISBN 0060916095 (HarperCollins) Weiser pb
LETTERS FROM THE MASTERS OF THE WISDOM - Comp. - C Jinarajadasa - The Mahatmas write to leading members of The Theosophical Society. 
817059040X hc, ISBN 8170590396 (Theos Pub) pb
LIFE: YOUR GREAT ADVENTURE - Felix Layton and Eunice Layton - A discussion of the basic human questions. (Formerly published as Theosophy: Key to Understanding.) ISBN 083560635X Theos Pub pb
MAN GOD AND THE UNIVERSEMAN, GOD AND THE UNIVERSE - I K Taimni - The nature of creation and a synthesis of East and West thought. ISBN 0835604470 Theos Pub pb
Sri Krishna Prem
& Sri Madhava Ashish - An in-depth examination of "The Stanzas of Dzyan," the little-known work upon which The Secret Doctrine is based. 
0835600068 Theos Pub hc
MAN, SON OF MAN - Sri Madhava Ashish - A sequel to Man, the Measure of All Things.  ISBN 0835600114 Theos Pub hc
THE MASTERS - Annie Besant - A definition of a master and evidence of his or her existence. ISBN 8170591597 (Theos Pub) pb
MASTERS AND MEN - Virginia Hanson - A fictionalized version of the story of the Mahatma Letters. ISBN 0835605345 Theos Pub pb
THE MASTERS AND THE PATH - C W Leadbeater - The personalities, home life, nature, and powers of the Mahatmas. ISBN 8170591996 (Theos Pub) pb
THE MILLENNIUM MYTHTHE MILLENNIUM MYTH: LOVE AND DEATH AT THE END OF TIME -Michael Grosso - A fascinating and provocative chronicle of the chief prophetic vision of the Western world and a chilling look ahead at where it may be taking us-toward technocalypse, the merging of millennial thinking and modern technology.
0835607119 Theos Pub hc
THE MONAD - C W Leadbeater - A look at our spiritual body and other essays. 
ISBN 8170592879
(Theos Pub/7646) hc
Ed. - Robert Epstein & Sherry Philips - This miniature presents a lively selection of Thoreau's writings, topically arranged. ISBN
0835605035 Theos Pub pb
THE NEW REVELATIONTHE NEW REVELATION - Neale Donald Walsch - The human race has reached a Time of Choosing. Our options are being placed before us by the tide of events -- and by those who are creating them. We can either move forward, building together at last a new world of peace and harmony based on new beliefs about God and Life, or move backward, separately and continuously reconstructing the old world of conflict and discord.
The New Revelations provides us with the tools to move forward, to pull ourselves out of despair, lifting the whole human race to a new expression of its grandest vision. In this book, which offers possible and powerful answers to the questions facing the world, bestselling author Neale Donald Walsch urges us to open our hearts and minds to what may be one of the most important spiritual statements of our time. A conversation with God that began as a simple plea from one human being to the God of his understanding, The New Revelations is a life-altering book, given to us when we need it most.
ISBN 0743456947
OCCULT PREPARATIONS FOR A NEW AGE - Dane Rudhyar - A broad synthesis of the spiritual core of humanity and the universe.
0835604608 Theos Pub pb
THE PASSIONATE NECESSITY - Hugh Shearman - A unique approach to the discovery of the meaning and purpose of life. ISBN 0835602001 Theos Pub hc
PEACE IS EVERY STEP - Thic Nhat Hanh - In the rush of modern life, we tend to lose touch with the peace that is available in each moment. World-renowned Zen master, spiritual leader, and author Thich Nhat Hanh shows us how to make positive use of the very situations that usually pressure and antagonize us. For him a ringing telephone can be a signal to call us back to our true selves. Dirty dishes, red lights, and traffic jams are spiritual friends on the path to "mindfulness" — the process of keeping our consciousness alive to our present experience and reality. The most profound satisfactions, the deepest feelings of joy and completeness lie as close at hand as our next aware breath and the smile we can form right now.

Lucidly and beautifully written, Peace Is Every Step contains commentaries and meditations, personal anecdotes and stories from Nhat Hanh's experiences as a peace activist, teacher, and community leader. It begins where the reader already is — in the kitchen, office, driving a car, walking a part — and shows how deep meditative presence is available now. Nhat Hanh provides exercises to increase our awareness of our own body and mind through conscious breathing, which can bring immediate joy and peace. Nhat Hanh also shows how to be aware of relationships with others and of the world around us, its beauty and also its pollution and injustices. The deceptively simple practices of Peace Is Every Step encourage the reader to work for peace in the world as he or she continues to work on sustaining inner peace by turning the "mindless" into the mindful. ISBN: 0553351397
powerofintention.gif (6264 bytes)THE POWER OF INTENTION: Learning To Co-create Your World Your Way - Wayne W. Dyer - Intention is generally viewed as a pit-bull kind of determination propelling one to succeed at all costs by never giving up on an inner picture. In this view, an attitude that combines hard work with an indefatigable drive toward excellence is the way to succeed. However, intention is viewed very differently in this book. Dr. Wayne W. Dyer has researched intention as a force in the universe that allows the act of creation to take place. This book explores intention-not as something you do-but as an energy you're a part of. We're all intended here through the invisible power of intention. This is the first book to look at intention as a field of energy that you can access to begin co-creating your life with the power of intention.  ISBN 1401902154  Hay House, Inc.
THE POWER OF NOW - Eckhart Tolle - Eckhart Tolle is emerging as one of today's most inspiring teachers. In The Power of Now, a #1 national bestseller, the author describes his transition from despair to self-realization soon after his 29th birthday. Tolle took another ten years to understand this transformation, during which time he evolved a philosophy that has parallels in Buddhism, relaxation techniques, and meditation theory but is also eminently practical. In The Power of Now he shows readers how to recognize themselves as the creators of their own pain, and how to have a pain-free existence by living fully in the present. Accessing the deepest self, the true self, can be learned, he says, by freeing ourselves from the conflicting, unreasonable demands of the mind and living present, fully, and intensely, in the Now. "The author shares ideas about personal integration with uncommon eloquence and a deep understanding of the human condition. Our true identity is in our moment-to-moment experiences rather than in our past or future. Concern about anything but the present is an unhealthy identification with the mind that can only cause pain and an illusion of control. Being totally aware of ourselves in each moment actually requires little effort or direction if we stop our thoughts long enough to find the pure consciousness that exists in the gaps between them. These ideas will be radical for most Westerners, but they are so smoothly elucidated that almost all seekers of inner truth will find something of value in the program." T.W. © AudioFile 2001, Portland, Maine.
ISBN 1577311523 (New World Library) hc
PRACTICAL OCCULTISM - H P Blavatsky - Esotericism as a way of life. 
8170590760 (Theos Pub) pb
REGENTS OF THE SEVEN SPHERES - H K Challoner - Elemental forms in nature. Color illustrations. ISBN 0722950098 (Theos Pub) hc
REMINISCENCES OF H. P. BLAVATSKY AND THE SECRET DOCTRINEREMINISCENCES OF H. P. BLAVATSKY AND THE SECRET DOCTRINE - Countess Constance Wachtmeister - A day-to-day account of life with H. P. Blavatsky during the writing of The Secret Doctrine. 
0835604888 Theos Pub pb
RHYTHM OF WHOLENESS - Dane Rudhyar - Considered by many to be Rudhyar's greatest work, this book presents an integrative and metaphysical world view. 
0835605787 Theos Pub pb
THE RIDDLE OF LIFE - Annie Besant - An overview of creation and evolution according to the theosophical philosophy. ISBN 0835602311 Theos Pub hc
THE SACRED ART OF LISTENING - Kay Lindahl - Surely one test of belief is its application in everyday life. Restoring the sacred to the daily art of communication is an oft-overlooked avenue of practice, but one that finds its voice in this slender, substantive volume. Lindahl, the founder of the Listening Center in Laguna Niguel, Calif., summons us back to "the possibility of Listening as a key to peace in the world." For her, "listening is far more than hearing words"; it is a sacred art that requires reflection, illustration, meditation and practice. These 40 meditations are exercises in mindfulness that entreat us to slow down and practice silence, contemplation and presence with ourselves, others and God. ISBN: 1893361446
THE SAGE FROM CONCORD - Comp. - Clarence Pedersen & Virginia Hanson - Selected excerpts from the writings of Transcendentalist Ralph Waldo Emerson. 
0835605930 Theos Pub pb
The Seat of the Soul THE SEAT OF THE SOUL - Gary Zukav - With the same extraordinary skill that he used to demystify scientific abstraction and the new physics, Gary Zukav, the award-winning author of The Dancing Wu Li Masters, here takes us on a brilliant and penetrating exploration of the new phase of evolution we have now entered.

With lucidity and elegance, Zukav explains that we are evolving from a species that pursues power based upon the perceptions of the five senses -- external power -- into a species that pursues authentic power -- power that is based upon the perceptions and values of the spirit. He shows how the pursuit of external power has produced our survival-of-the-fittest understanding of evolution, generated conflict between lovers, communities, and superpowers, and brought us to the edge of destruction.

Using his scientist's eye and philosopher's heart, Zukav shows how infusing the activities of life with reverence, compassion, and trust makes them come alive with meaning and purpose. He illustrates how the emerging values of the spirit are changing marriages into spiritual partnerships, psychology into spiritual psychology, and transforming our everyday lives. The Seat of the Soul describes the remarkable journey to the spirit that each of us is on.
ISBN 067169507X
THE SECRET DOCTRINETHE SECRET DOCTRINE - H P Blavatsk - This comprehensive survey of the origin of the cosmos and the prehistory of humanity is a synthesis of religion, philosophy, and science, with, in the framework of the Ancient Wisdom. Three volumes with slip case. Volume 3 is Index.
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THE SEVEN RAYS - Ernest Wood - Wood examines the intriguing esoteric idea that humanity is divided into seven spiritual groups, which influence our fundamental drives and aspirations. ISBN 0835604810 Theos Pub pb
STORY OF HUMAN EVOLUTION - Geoffrey Barborka - How the first human beings came to be on earth, according to The Secret Doctrine. 
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- Annie Besant & C W Leadbeater (Volumes I, II, III) See..Below:
Volume I - Comments on Krishnamurti's At the Feet of the Master
8170591600 (Theos Pub) hc
Volume 11 - Comments on H.P.B.'s The Voice of the Silence
ISBN 8170591627 (Theos Pub) hc
Volume 111 - Comments on Mabel Collins' Light on the Path
ISBN 0835670686 (Theos Pub) hc
A TEXTBOOK OF THEOSOPHY - C W Leadbeater - The basic concepts of theosophy. ISBN 8170592461 (Theos Pub) hc
Theosophia THEOSOPHIA - Arthur Versluis A deeply affirmative book, Theosophia introduces wholly unexpected aspects of Christian tradition. Where mainstream Christianity seems "anti-nature", Christian theosophy affirms a profound nature-mysticism; where it seems anti-erotic, theosophy affirms a powerful religious eroticism; and where it is portrayed as rigidly patriarchal, theosophy affirms a mysticism founded in the divine Sophia, the feminine personification of wisdom.

Theosophia reveals hidden dimensions of our spiritual heritage that speak directly to our current social, ecological, and religious crises. ISBN 0940262649

THEOSOPHICAL GLEANINGS - Two Students - Written in 1890 by two students of The Secret Doctrine, this small volume reflects the atmosphere of the esoteric community of the late 19th century. ISBN 0835602265 Theos Pub pb
THEOSOPHY - Robert Ellwood - A professor of religion explores theosophical ideas in modern times. ISBN 0835606074 Theos Pub pb
THEOSOPHY SIMPLIFIED - Irving Cooper - A basic study of the major concepts. ISBN 0835606511 Theos Pub pb
THIS DYNAMIC UNIVERSE - Ed. - Corona Trew & E Lester Smith - The link between the concepts discussed in The Secret Doctrine and science. 
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TOMORROW'S GOD: Our Greatest Spiritual Challenge - Neale Donald Walsch - Humanity is about to create a new form of spirituality. This New Spirituality will allow humans to express their natural impulse toward the Divine without making one another wrong for the way in which they are doing it, and without killing one another in the name of it. When the New Spirituality is embraced by humanity, it will, of course, change everything. And that is exactly what is needed now.

This book contains an astonishing prediction. And that prediction comes from an astonishing source. Author Neale Donald Walsch says it comes directly from God. Whether you believe that or not, you will find it difficult not to be swept up in the startling and profound vision of our near future contained here.

Tomorrow's God says, point-blank, that humanity will soon re-create its experience of God in such a way that our experience of one another will be healed at last. You may agree or disagree with the contents of this book, but you will never forget having read it.  ISBN 0743456955  Pub: Simon & Schuster

TRUST YOURSELF TO LIFE - Clara Codd - This inspirational Quest miniature explores the more profound aspects of life. ISBN 0835604640 Theos Pub pb
THE VOICE OF THE SILENCE - H P Blavatsky - Centennary Edition. - A facsimile reprint of the 1889 edition: appears exactly the way Blavatsky wrote it. Blavatsky lays out the path of spiritual development. Includes an index and introduction by Boris de Zirkoff. ISBN 0835606813 hc , ISBN 0835606805 Theos Pub pb, (View.This.Book.Online)
Ed. George Feuerstein & Trisha Lamb Feuerstein, Larry Dossey, Michio Kushi, Vicki Noble, Colin Wilson, Peter Singer, and 140 other notable thinkers present fascinating essays on the possibilities of the future. 
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Mabel Collins
- The author of The Light on the Path explores the relationship between spiritual regeneration and the seasons. ISBN
0835606147 Theos Pub pb
WISDOM, BLISS & COMMON SENSE - Darshani Deane - How to bring spirit into everyday life. ISBN 0835606449 Theos Pub pb
awishcanchange.gif (8594 bytes)A WISH CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE: How to Use The Ancient Wisdom of Kabbalah - Gahl Sasson and Steve Weinstein, Designed by Jaime Putorti -  Engaging, innovative, and fresh, Gahl Sasson's approach to Kabbalah -- the ancient teachings of Jewish mysticism -- integrates mythology, scholarship, and practical exercises for seekers of both material and spiritual gratification. Based on his popular Tree of Life workshops, which incorporate meditation, dreams, and real-life synchronicities with myths, rituals, and philosophies from around the world, A Wish Can Change Your Life provides a universal path to finding and embracing all of life's riches. It teaches readers of every faith and religious background how to use the energies of the Tree of Life -- the blueprint for the creation of the universe -- to fulfill any wish, whether it is for material gain (a new car, a higher salary), personal improvement and pleasure (weight loss, a better job, more intimacy with a partner), or a life-changing message from God. ISBN 0743245059   Pub: Simon and Schuster